photo roundup part three

i know, i know, i’ve been a slacker. here are some of my favorite photos of scout from the last three months

1013719_10151982344951847_888989220_njanuary 9th – straight chillin’

1525130_10151985208721847_1966580104_njanuary 11th - chillin out, maxin, relaxin all cool.

1476438_10151988544771847_1500844805_njanuary 13th – baby’s first selfie

999616_10151995263681847_414102487_njanuary 17th – heart throb

1044398_10151996733926847_1038511192_njanuary 18th – jam sesh

1557540_10152001740746847_1042115074_njanuary 21st – i am not a crook

1511200_10152003269431847_190399468_njanuary 22nd – i’m fat, let’s party

1554596_10152006815191847_498926893_njanuary 24th – four months old

150259_10152020548666847_1535878314_nfebruary 1st – future love

1798786_10152022307766847_1178554779_nfebruary 2nd – dem bones

1901831_10152030990011847_183896773_nfebruary 6th – crib dweller

1609586_10152032560201847_1015986564_nfebruary 7th – oh canada!

photo roundup part two

i know, i know, i’ve been a slacker. here are some of my favorite photos of scout from the last three months

1467385_10151916851091847_1970868173_ndecember 4th – scout and his girl isla, who’s getting fresh

1468529_10151923914946847_1842772376_ndecember 8th – strong man

1463550_10151935327251847_360647628_ndecember 14th – dino dude

1471974_10151937474861847_796452462_ndecember 15th – the lemieux clan

1499487_10151940920446847_344355438_ndecember 17th – little scouty cute face

1505586_10151944398196847_911132841_ndecember 19th – toys on toys on toys on toys

1480516_10151955574971847_1199434951_ndecember 25th – scout’s first christmas

1505387_10151960791316847_2079575464_ndecember 28th – lumber scout

1499467_10151966766926847_1351917339_ndecember 31st – happy new year!

68875_10151971983386847_945384894_njanuary 3rd – my dolly loves his dolly

photo roundup part one

i know, i know, i’ve been a slacker. here are some of my favorite photos of scout from the last three months.

1385846_10151842180136847_1968818875_noctober 31st – my little scouty mouse


november 1st – post bath cocoon

1452333_10151850147851847_821306028_nnovember 3rd – floating head

1457626_10151885365516847_226592855_nnovember 18th – scout and his bun bun.

1424471_10151887461421847_822374377_nnovember 19th – dream smiles.

1453504_10151889028941847_1593976001_nnovember 20th – my handsome boys

936038_10151896014616847_1573703885_nnovember 23rd – scout met the fat man in toronto on my 30th birthday

1452375_10151898268596847_910564702_nnovember 24th – scout and his oma catching some zzzs


one month old and ready for a brawl


this amazing piece of work was made by my adorable husband, mikey. scout is so very lucky to have such a creative dad. i hope his design abilities and flair for the arts rub off on scout, they are wonderful attributes to have. fight on little dude!


our baby boy is one month old as of yesterday, the 24th. i can’t believe it, this past month just flew by. scout is such a phenomenal little man and we’re so happy to have him in our lives. he and i spent the big day with his oma (my mum) his GG bandy (my mum’s mum) and his great aunt sue (my mum’s older sister) while mikey was at work. the ladies drove in from ontario to spoil the little man rotten, and that’s exactly what happened. it was our first full day out of the house, and it went very well, i was only peed on twice! their visit proved that scout has so many wonderful people in his life that love him dearly, they couldn’t take their eyes off him (i don’t blame them in the slightest, he’s a looker).

i’m four weeks old today (and obviously ecstatic about it)

i'm four weeks old today (and obviously ecstatic about it)

this is really an inaccurate portrayal of the little man, he’s such a calm baby. the only time he’s fussy is the typical i’m hungry / i’m dirty. he is going through a growth spurt at the moment, so he’s constantly eating and sleeping. please say a prayer for my nipples.



mikey is the best dad scout could ever have. he’s the luckiest little man in the whole world. i snapped this cute little photo with my phone the other morning after scout had some breakfast. he was a little fussy after feeding but calmed down and fell asleep immediately after mikey laid him down and soothed him with his voice. mikey eventually fell asleep as well, resulting in this absolutely adorable picture. my boys are perfect.

the first week

4 days old

scout at 4 days old


things are going amazing around these parts. don’t get me wrong, it’s been somewhat overwhelming, not out of control, but normal “holy shit we have a newborn” overwhelming, but that’s to be had. we’re slowly, but surely, getting into a routine, which is helpful for my schedule oriented brain.

scout is an amazing baby. he has a laid back attitude and spends his days making us smile. he was weighed yesterday (at one week old) and is only 2oz away from his birthweight (which usually takes about two weeks to get back to). it’s true what they say, milk does a body good.

to everyone who’s participated thus far with the meal train, thank you. you don’t understand how unbelievably helpful it has been for us. if it wasn’t for you guys, mikey and i would totally forget to eat. cooking is the last thing on our minds these days, our priorities lie elsewhere. if you want to help out and bring us a meal / have a meal delivered (we’ll repay you in love and baby snuggles), you can sign up here:

we’re happy, healthy and even more in love with this little man than we thought possible. thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support. your love is making this whole new chapter even more unbelievable.

8 days old

8 days old

we have such an attentive, calm and loving little baby, we honestly couldn’t ask for a more perfect little one. once i get a few free minutes to myself, i’ll sit down and write out my birth story. for now, here’s a photo of scout i snapped today after a sponge bath. he’s 8 days old and full of life. we’re so in love and couldn’t be happier.

hi, i'm carly. i gave birth to an amazing little dude named scout on 9/24/13. i have an amazing husband named mikey and two bad ass cats named dave and toots. i love roller derby, tattoos and sleeping. warning: i swear a lot and hate capital letters.

when i get free time (HA!) i like to use this space of the web to share updates and photos of scout with my friends, family and anyone else who may have stumbled upon this blog.


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